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lab coats

Sometimes the last thing you put on is what creates the first impression. Style. Quality. Functionality. Let your "overwear" have the final word that communicates your personality and professionalism. Pinks Uniforms maintains a large selection of labs that allows you to do just that. We have long-sleeve, short sleeve, and 3/4 sleeve coats in stock with the length of coats running from 30" to 40". Gender specific coats is a must for any quality uniform shop and we have you covered; we maintain many different styles and sizes to accommodate for all. We also provide discounted in-house embroidery for company logs and names on lab coats purchased through Pinks Uniforms.

Looking for a group ? We will come to your location and conduct a lab-coat showing, fit your staff with the desired jackets, and set up the embroidery details in one simple appointment - Easy and fast!

Trusted Brands:

  • Med Couture- white
  • White Cross - white
  • Radiance - white
  • Barco ICU - long sleeve uniform color specific
  • Maven - long sleeve uniform color specific